OPPO A15s Features


If you are looking for an OPPO A15s for your business, you might not know what it really is. In fact, it is a fingerprint sensor and a mobile application through which you can identify people. It is meant to replace the traditional system of entering names and passwords in card rooms. You have biometric security at all times which ensures that no one can steal your card information. The OPPO A15s also helps you manage your budget and bookkeeping better. oppo a15s

The OPPO A15s is designed for all business sectors starting from hospitality to service sector. The OPPO A15s image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary with different models.

The OPPO A15s has the most advanced mechanism among all types of mobiles. This makes every OPPO A15s device a preferred choice of more than half the mobile users in the world. It is equipped with latest micro chip technology making it perfect for use in the latest handsets. It has a back up feature which stores the user’s personal data in octa-core sensor enabling it to work flawlessly even in power cut situation.

The OPPO A15s Price is not much higher than the ordinary cell phones but it makes every penny spent on it worth it. It comes with a high performance camera with two lenses. This camera with its precision optical zoom makes every image perfect. The OPPO A15s Price also comes with a rich software bundle including a music player, an MP3 player, an internet browser, a TV Tuner and a gaming center. The OPPO A15s Price along with its powerful hardware and robust software make it stand among the best mobiles available in the market today.

With a sophisticated system that protects against fraudulent use of the device, OPPO ensures safety of the user’s personal data. OPPO A15s features a face unlock mechanism through which the user can lock or unlock the phone with his or her fingerprint instead of the traditional password. OPPO has partnered with some of the most popular manufacturers in the field of electronic devices to release this latest model. This enables users to enjoy the benefits of OPPO’s innovative technologies with the benefit of OPPO’s advanced features such as the facial recognition facility, the ability to streamline the call through its large keypad and its accurate alarm clock function.

Apart from its advanced features, OPPO has worked towards providing its customers a modern device that is highly flexible and yet hardy and reliable. The OPPO A15s features a unique and efficient dual core chipset along with a quad-core 1.2ghz processor. This ensures that the device functions flawlessly and provides a flawless experience. Additionally, OPPO has worked towards improving the efficiency of its camera by introducing image stabilization and image quality indication. The OPPO A15s also features a high density battery, which makes it easier to boost its performance and boost its life. It also boasts of OEI feature wherein the life of the device is extended if you connect it to an AC adapter with the help of an outlet.